Monday, October 4, 2010

Controversial Monday: Personal Ick Factor

Of course, once again, it is very late.

What can I say, I was busy making 50 pounds of apples into applesauce. And I have another 50 to do tomorrow.

But I did want to throw this out there: What is your personal ick factor?

You know, the thing that you just don't do.

Or at least don't want to do.

Vomit? Blood? Sputum? Bugs? Vermin?

Working as a nurse, I have seen it all.

But that doesn't mean I like it.

Mine is probably open wounds. But I really don't like vomit either. Or sputum.

Somethings I don't mind, like sweet baby pee.

Which is what we call it.

The conversation goes like this:

"I just got peed on!"

Me: "who cares? It is just sweet baby pee".

I try to major on the majors.

What is yours?


Ick said...

Vomit. I hate vomit. I'll just add mine and then clean it all up at once.

Blood. I like blood. Blood means a crisis and once my crisis management instincts kick in, nothing bothers me.

Foster said...

Ick factor number one for me is bugs. My 2yr old is great with grabbing a shoe and telling me that he has killed yet another spider. He loves it. Maybe just because he gets a big hug from mommy every time he kills a bug.

Johanna said...

ick factor for me is definitely drool (not the sweet baby kind). i feel bad, but when pt's drool on me, it just grosses me out. Of course, if I get oozing wound juice, feces or other bodily excretions on me while working with pts I'm not really ecstatic, but as long as they stay off me I can just be kinda grossed out. And I hate bugs. I'm looking for a prince charming to valiantly rescue me from any and all bugs that cross my path.

LS said...

Rodents! Terrified of them!

Boogers! Can't stand to see kids picking their nose. It's not allowed in our house. They use kleenexes to get gunk out. I about died a couple of weeks ago when we were at homeschool swimming and a ten year old girl sitting there watching from the bleachers would not stop picking her nose for about an hour straight. It took everything within me not to go over and ask her to stop. I was furious that she was giving homeschoolers such a "socially weird" reputation at the local pool!