Friday, June 27, 2014


Accomplishments of the Week:

1. Took 4 kids (the younger ones)to Y pool by myself and no one died
2. Took 4 kids (the younger ones) to Y pool and splash deck by myself and no one died
3. Took 5 kids (along with a friend and her 2) to the beach and no one died
4. Grandma found ballet slippers and tap shoes for a quarter a pair at a garage sale
5. have picked almost 50 cups of strawberries from my little patch


Berean finally did the monkey bars ALL BY HERSELF!

She is one proud girl!


Sally said...

Way to go Berean! Remember how Stacy would always get stuck on the monkey bars at your house? I still remember her sitting up there until my parents would arrive and pull her down :-)

vaiybora said...

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