Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Goliath Challenge!

Getting ready to watch Mom race!
 The Goliath Challenge is an obstacle race to raise money for Feed My Starving Children.  The adult race is a 5k and the kid course is 2.5k.  This year both Deacon and Roman were old enough to participate so they ran one of the kid waves together, and  Noah and I did the adult course (but in different waves, due to the kids needing supervision :)

It was a beautiful day, and we had some fun family time together!  Certain people who do not like to run even seemed to enjoy themselves :)

It was a fun race to do, especially since it supported a worthy cause.  The times are frustrating a little, because you didn't have to do the obstacles, you could walk around them.  Of course not doing the obstacles would give you a faster time, but that is not taken into account in the race times.  Also, for example, a lady ahead of me fell off an obstacle, climbed back on and preceded to sit there tying her shoe- no one else could get on until she was off of it!  It was irritating at the time, but in the grand scheme of the world I guess it wasn't that big of a deal!

Not ready enough to run up the big hill...

Inflatables are always a hit!

Mud at the end of the race!

The crew watching for Daddy!

Deke thought this was such a nice picturesque view of a "village"

Love it!

Exploring while watching for Daddy

My baby

Water Obstacle!

Eating snacks!

Child racers!

The initial hill is brutal

Lincoln can't wait until next year when he can race!

Sword fights!

Deacon on the monkey bars

Almost to the end of the race!

Roman hates running, but he enjoyed himself despite...running...

He loved the water obstacles very much...

and seemed to like the mud a fair amount too.

They were good little spectators!

Hosing off

It took a lot of oxyclean to get that shirt clean!

Post race smiles!

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Becki said...

Wow! That's a pretty intense course (I know there are ones with more craziness, like exposed electric wires, but still--very impressive!)