Monday, June 2, 2014

June Goals!


*be able to do the splits by end of the month!
*20 miles bike
*70 miles run/walk
*34 mile walk for my birthday!
*lose last 5 pounds


*keep the weeds down
*plant flowers
*clean up lot
*talk to landscaper about erosion on north side of house


*clean out dining room cabinets
*clean out front closet and cubbies
*clean out kitchen cabinets and drawers
*help Noah clean out garage
*call contractor/architect
*take care of car oil drama


*4 adventures with the kids
*read four books to kids
*read 2 books myself
*finish reading Acts to kids
*keep up with kids daily lists
*set up our slack line
*basketball hoop in yard
*make pitching target for Deacon


*pictures, scanning, book making and blogging?

For sure:

*Lots of game playing since my sister will be home!


Karla Olsen said...

yeah I made the blog post.... Hey did you already know about slack lining- or did you get the idea from me?!

The Three 22nds said...

we got a slack line for the kids for Christmas. Just need to install it!