Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy Girl, Crazy Life

It has been a whirlwind around here.  I thought that things were crazy when the kids were younger- but they seemed much easier to keep track of back then.  Now they have friends and places to go- lots of places to go.

Responsibilities at both of our jobs, volunteer stuff, fall activities, exercising, homeschooling, parenting- we are feeling a little exhausted and having a hard time getting back into the fall routine.
A couple extra stressors are coming up this week, and that is enough to make me all introspective and...for some weird reason they are making me get all panicked about my wardrobe.

I know, I am in a totally bizarre mental place right now, so I think I am just going to move on from all the cray-cray and show you pictures of my sweet baby.
Ever still likes her naps.  She also likes water, boats and laundry baskets.  She has no problem being alone, and likes to explore.

Bre is very concerned about Ever's lack of hair, but it does seem to be growing a little bit.

Evie still has an amazing smile and says a few words.  She seems to have the same protruding tongue situation that Lincoln has, and so I am keeping an eye (and ear!) on that. 
She says significantly more words and makes more sounds than Lincoln ever did, so I am hopeful that her speech issues (which I am pretty sure she will have) will be less severe than his.

Ever has gotten really tall and has thinned out a lot.  She can now open almost all of the doors leading to the outside in our house.  She can't get out of her bed yet or open interior doors, which is a blessing. 

She really likes to lick things like the chains on disc golf holes.  I think it is an attention seeking behavior, much like her frequent walking around with her eyes closed and her fingers in her mouth. 

She is definitely the baby of the family- she has all the symptoms of the classic youngest child "clown" thing going on.  She can do nothing wrong in the eyes of her brothers, although her sister may see things differently.  She is also a popular figure amongst the neighborhood kids that spend a lot of time in our yard.

Some days I feel like she is much more difficult to keep track of then the other kids (except Roman!), but I am not sure that is true.  I think it feels harder because everybody else is independent, so her not being independent feels more like a glaring difference.  But it is just her age, and I don't want her to grow up too fast :) Oh, one more thing about Ever...that girl loves her daddy...


Karla Olsen said...

You need to get on skype so that she can practice my name!

Grandma Debbie said...

Karla, I have heard her say your name. (Not that practice would hurt. :)