Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Roman is our 7 year old.  He and Deacon are similar in size, but only one of them wants to share clothes, and it is not Deacon!

Roman knows what he likes, knows what he doesn't like, knows what he wants and knows what he doesn't want and pursues or avoids those things with great gusto.

He is very motivated and can accomplish many things in a short period of time - as long as they are the right things.  Roman loves a lot of things, and here they are in no particular order!

1. Legos- this kid can build amazing things.  He has an eye for design and symmetry and likes nothing better than to build ships for his people (which include "Little Boo" and the 4 Pevensies).

2. Stories- Roman likes themes.  Whether it be "Wonder Pets", "Cars", "Super Heroes", Pokemon or book characters, he can get a little obsessive with his themes. He has always liked to act out stories and characters, and that continues to be one of his favorite activities.  Currently he is into "Skylanders" "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Paws and Tales".  He has various stuffed animals and Lego guys to play the parts- or they play "in person".

3. Being alone- Roman likes his brothers, his friends and playing with others but he is definitely an introvert that needs alone time to recharge.  He will often be seen tramping around the lots with his wooden shield and sword and talking to himself.

4. Winnie-The-Pooh- he reads the books, he listens to the CD,  Pooh calms his soul.

5. Video Games- yes, he does.

6. Swimming

7. Special events- he gets really excited about upcoming things- I think anticipation is most of the fun for him.

Roman brings playing into the house.  He is always imagining things and solidifies a lot of what he is learning by playing.  He is enjoying the musical that he is practicing for, and can be a bit of a ham.

He has declined extracurricular activities this summer, and we are fine with that.  He doesn't like them, so at this point we are not inclined to pay for them.

He asks a lot of insightful questions and feels things deeply.  He forces us to be real, to be firm and to be competent as parents. 

I am excited to watch him grow and change and to see what God has in store for him!

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