Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Little Ba

Berean is 3 now.

Ever had a 3 year old girl before?

Well, we hadn't, and believe me, it is a whole new experiance.

She was talking about something the other day and in the middle of her sentence, she actually used the phrase, "once again".

Here are her greatest loves:

1. Getting dressed.  She does this multiple times a day and likes to discuss her outfits.  One morning I said, "why are you changing again?  Your outfit was so cute!"  She put up a little finger and said, "But Mom, I have another cute outfit!"  This shirt is often worn on Tuesdays- I do laundry on Mondays, so it is always clean and back in the drawer, and it is one of her favorites.

2. Kitchen work. Bre loves to help make food, wash dishes, unload the dishwasher and set the table.  She also is very confident about making toast for herself.  We, however, are not quite so confident in her toaster skillz, and so have had to keep a close eye on that.  She gives specific instructions on how she likes her milk- in a cup with a cover.

3. Dessert.  She likes sweets a lot.  *sigh* like mother, like daughter.  Hopefully she inherits my metabolism as well.

4. Pink, Purple, Brown and sometimes green are her favorite colors.  She really could talk for a long, long time about the colors she likes.

5. Dora and Diego.  First she liked to watch Diego on "the Kindle" then it was "Mommy's green kindle" and now it is "my green kindle".  For some reason, even though she claims to like Dora the best, she only likes to watch Diego.  She also likes books about the famous cousins read to her often.

6.Her brothers.  She told me today that "Deacon, Roman and Lincoln are my best friends in the whole world."  I don't know if they feel the same about her.  We tell them that we love them, but they rarely just randomly tell us that they love us.  Berean spouts declarations of love frequently to everyone in the house without any prompting at all.  She also said that "Madeline is my best friend in the nursery".

7. Abraham.  Somehow the story of Abraham stuck with her, and she feels like he is the go to guy for all Biblical  questions.  Sometimes it seems, though, that she is mixing Abraham of the Bible up with Abraham Lincoln, her brother Lincoln and possibly Noah.

8. Craft Class.  She actually isn't in a craft class, but when she goes to the childcare at one of the YMCAs they often do projects and have story time.  She loves it and calls it her "craft class".  She works on her projects with great pride and precision (and a lot of independence) and then carefully carries them out to the car all by herself. 

9. Singing. She sings songs from craft class, songs from Sunday School and songs that we sing to her at night.

10. Everyn.  She loves her baby sister, and she loves to boss her around and tries (with great dedication) to keep Ever out of her personal "stash" (stash is what she refers to her stuff as, after hearing us use that word).

11. Going places.  Every day she wants to know where we are going.  She loves the Y, church, being outside, and other people's houses.

12. Talking. She talks, and talks and talks.  She also remembers names of children in her classes and is very interested in each one of them.

13. Duplos and her Diego Playset.  Several years ago I bought a whole range of Diego action figures, jeep, Animal Rescue Center and animals from a garage sale.  I bought it for Roman.  He doesn't play with it anymore, but Berean sure does!

I don't know how to describe how she talks, but she says the funniest things.  I have got to get some of the conversations that we have on video, because I know I will forget the cute way that she has of describing things and the phrases that she uses- especially "yes, I do".

It is so fun to see her learn new things every day!  I love it!


The Three 22nds said...

when she saw her pictures she said, "oh! That is pretty nice" and then "ooo...I like that!"

Karla Olsen said...

haha I can't wait to see her again...sounds like she is growing up FAST