Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Lincoln is our almost 6 year old kindergartner.  He is learning to read and is always working on keeping up.  Here are the things that he loves:

1. Being quiet.  Now, don't get me wrong- he can be loud, but he is probably our quietest kid.  He tends to hold his emotions in and if you ask him a question about how he liked this or that he will often say, "do I have to answer that?" 

2. Days off from speech.  He doesn't like going to speech therapy, but his teacher says that when he gets in there he gets right down to work and does his thing.

3. Legos.  He, like his brothers, spends hours building with legos.

4. Sports.  Now that he is getting bigger and older, he and Deacon will go out and play games with balls, which is something that Roman has never wanted to do.

5. Reading. Lincoln is doing a great job learning to read and seems to enjoy it.

6. Math. Lincoln is really, really good at math.  To the point that his brothers and strangers will point out his math strengths.

7. Video games, mostly Skylanders and Minecraft at this point.

8. Excitement.  He is so funny to watch when he is excited.  His mouth turns into an "o", his eyes get big and his whole body shakes.

One cool thing this year is that Lincoln and Berean have started to play with each other when the other boys are doing school.  They will build with duplos, or play with their little action figures.  Sometimes they just run around together playing imaginary games.  I like it because Linc is always trying to keep up with his brothers and their friends, and it is nice to let him have  a chance to be the leader and the older kid.

I am very excited to see how Lincoln grows and changes as time passes. He is my kid that I have the hardest time predicting his reactions over lots of things, and his future is no exception.  I do know that God loves him and that God has an amazing plan for him, and I can't wait to see what it is!

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Karla Olsen said...

Can't wait to see this boy again!