Wednesday, March 6, 2013


School is not done yet, but we are drawing ever nearer to the conclusions of our primary text books.  Of course, because of that, my thoughts are during to spring review plans and summer review plans.

And I am also just looking forward to a lot of time outside.


How I love the summer.

I already told Noah that we must order a running wheel for the Burley, and he also needs to teach me how also to attach it to the bike.  I want to be mobile. 

I don't have a baby, I don't have a newborn.  Parks, beach, hiking, camping- it's all going to happen.

But, we also need a little time for schoolish activities.

I think this year I am going to use a gimmick.

I am not a gimmick person. 

Gimmicks require time, effort, follow-through and some measure of creativity.

And none of those things are my strong suit.

But this year I am going to try it. 

My plan is to have 3 jars, each with a variety of slips of paper in them:

School A jar will have these items:

1. Recite States and Capitals
2. Recite Presidents
3. Recite continents and 3 countries on each
4. Recite planets, kinds of rock and examples of each kind of rock
5. 5 kinds of vertebrates and examples of each
6. Something physics related
7. Answer timeline questions
8. Write 5 sentences about any topic
9. Books of Old Testament and New Testament
10. Awana Verses
11. All About Spelling phonics review

School B jar will have these items:

1. Multiplication flash cards
2. Division flash cards
3. Addition flash cards
4. Subtraction flash cards

Job jar:

1. Wash chairs
2. Wash windows
3. Kitchen helper
4. Clean up yard
5. Clean up deck
6. Entryway organizer
7. Woodwork scrubber
8. Vacuumer
9. TV/walls cleaner

Every morning we will take 3 slips out of jar A and do them, 1 slip out of jar B and do it, and each kid will have to take 2 slips out of the "job jar" to work on during the day.  They also each are going to have to read everyday and we may do a fun geography program or weather program.

We will plan on doing this 4 days a week and they can have Fridays off.

I am hopeful that this will encourage (and I will be able to encourage) getting up early, getting this stuff out of the way and getting out and about to enjoy the day!  We shall see!

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