Thursday, March 28, 2013


Everyn is 15 months now.
She is taking a few steps.
She is getting all of her molars (poor baby has been drooling and chewing- but not really crabby, despite them all making their appearance at once).
She likes to cuddle and laugh.
She watches her siblings for a reaction while taking stuff from them.

She says a few words, but not too many.
She says "Mama" and "Da"
She says her own name, "Ever" and something "B" like for banana, bottle and Berean.

She says things that sound like questions when she wants to know something.
She makes sounds that sound like exclamations when she wants to tell me something.

And she screams all of dinner and refuses to eat if I neglect to give her a fork.

She is a good eater and will eat lots of different things.

Her siblings adore her, and she them.

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Karla Olsen said...

and she is wearing blue...right? Slide Girl :)