Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Everyn is nearly 8 months old.

She is the happiest baby we have had.

She is also the most unmotivated.

I cannot believe that Roman was walking just after he turned 9 months.

This girl barely rolls over.

Now, before people get concerned, I really don't think there is anything wrong with her.  She can roll over, she does it occasionally.  She chortles, she laughs.

Her favorite transportation method is on someone's shoulders.  

She doesn't like it when I leave the room, and she gets panicked if I come into a room and don't come get her.  She likes to eat, and I think food may be the key to get her moving.

She loves diaper changes and baths.  Mostly she likes to be naked.  

She smiles often.  As Deacon says, "anyone can get Ever to smile.  You just have to smile at her.  Well, maybe if there was someone REALLY creepy, maybe Ever wouldn't smile at them, but she does smile at everyone else."

I am so excited to watch her grow and change and develop her little personality!

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Karla said...

Poor B so many "owies" on her arm:) hehe and I am sure Ever will start moving when she feels like it:)