Sunday, June 3, 2012

We All Have Them

Or maybe it is just me that has some odd little insecurities.

But I know it is not just me.  I work in a hospital.  I meet lots and lots of people on a weird level of stranger/caregiver.  We all have them: little things, little fears, little insecurities.

Do you know what one of mine is?  Being in a public place at closing time.  Maybe it comes from reading "Help! I am a Prisoner in the Library!" as a child, or maybe it is just some deep seeded fear of being alone.  If I am in a store and they come on over the loud speaker and announce that the store will be closing in 15 minutes, I actually start feeling panicky.  Now, I can talk myself down, but I guarantee that I am out of that door as soon as possible.  Of course I married someone who has no problem being the last one at the Y, at the store, at the movie theater.  A 2055 he is still meandering around a store, looking things over, while I am trying not to completely lose it.

Maybe this  is why I really like stores that stay open all night.