Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fun Summer

Last week we took a day to head down to the "Big Zoo".  We have a membership there this year (thanks Gpa and Gma!).  In addition to the membership, I scored some free passes from the library so that the kids and I, my mom and my two sisters all could go relatively cheaply.

The boys really like interactive exhibits - you know, exhibits where there are rocks and statues to climb on.

Roman was being completely uncooperative with my attempts to take a nice picture of the 5 of them.

This may be because all he really wanted was a picture of himself with that particular penguin.  Too bad the penguin wasn't on board with it and kept hiding behind the seal in the window.

Roman took this picture.  Creepy.

In one section of the zoo they had a guide for the exhibits and on the guide were places to "stamp" different pictures of the animals.  There were stamping machines outside the animal cages, somewhat hidden so it was like a hunt to find them and get them all stamped in your guide.
Roman really got into the hunt.  At one point I heard him yelling, "Deacon, Deacon- the Bald Eagle!  I found it , I found it, come here quick!"  I thought for sure he was exclaiming over the real Bald Eagle that was actually down on the ground and right in front of the glass- but no, instead he was standing at the Bald Eagle stamp machine.  Don't think he ever even saw the real thing.

Everyn and Tia Erica on the monorail.  We took the monorail this time as a special treat.  The boys loved it.  They grinned from ear to ear, especially when they would remember that they were not walking.
Trying to get  a group picture, but some of the group was not on board with the plan

 Managed to snag another one.

Finally, the last boy got hauled in.  He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

I am not sure if Berean was scared or what, but when we were in the dark tunnel by the fish, she placed her hand on Everyn's head and left it there.

Of course, the wolf statue needed to be climbed.  Berean tries so hard.

All in all it was a good day.  The membership is so nice because we don't feel like we have to see everything when we are there- we can see different things on different visits.

I don't have pictures of the other things we did last week, but they were:
*bigger park that is further away from our house.  This day  also included a polar jump into a lake
*"Birthday Party" for me with some of my friends
*Little League/Tee ball games
*Batting Practice at the park
*Beach by our house
*Bike ride
*More Little League games
*Hosted big bday party/open house for my sister (for which I was not feeling well and basically missed.  Noah and family and friends stepped up and made it happen.  Thank you guys!)
*weekly school work
*lots of time playing with friends in the yard!

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Auntie Kendy said...

I love how Lincoln had his arm around Berean in the rock photos! I bet those two are buds!