Monday, October 3, 2011

Steam Punk

Yep, once again no excuses for not blogging except for that I feel like I haven't had a moment to myself all week...

This situation must change soon, because I really like to blog and I don't want to stop. I will give it some thought before I drift off to sleep.

Here are some new QOTD's for your enjoyment!

J- called Noah and work and said, "I saw the pictures of my coworker's steampunk wedding! The cake had a blimp on it!"

N (in a slightly condescending voice): "I guarantee it was not a blimp. Blimps are for sporting events and sales. It was an airship."

Yep, I married a man who not only understands steampunk without googling it, but he also appreciates it's idiosyncrasies.

D: "flies are more skittish than mosquitoes"

Deacon was telling me the other day that the Bible doesn't tell us what language people spoke before the Tower of Babel. Roman pipes in with, "I am pretty sure it was English".


Karla said...

I agree with Roman:) and now I will google steam punk...

gma pam said...

I think I will google steampunk, too!