Monday, October 31, 2011

Over Achiever

The other day I admitted to Noah that my "70 things to do before baby" list and the 210 mile challenge I put myself on is really taking a toll on me.

He laughed. I think he liked to hear me say it.

That doesn't mean I am giving up though, it just means that I am more determined than ever.

And I will admit to being slightly frustrated that everything on my list that I do accomplish seems to generate 3 more things that I must do.

Tonight he bought me roses (on sale ones, which are the only kind I accept)

And we watched "The Lion King" with the kids.

We ate Pear Pie- which Noah decided to make after being inspired by a 3 year old at Sunday School who made a pear pie out of play-doh.

Tomorrow will be soon enough to finish the laundry, and everything else.


Johanna said...

awww, keep it up, Julie! I should put myself up to some of these challenges!

Karla said...

pear pie...I hope it didn't taste like the one from SS:) Did you turn off all the lights and pretended not to be home?

Lighting tech said...

Yes Karla, once the kids' friends came by, we shut out all the light and battened down all the hatches.

The pear pie was good, but the pears were still on the crunchy side because I don't think I cooked it long enough.