Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Do You Mean, You Need Your Blanket?

3 little boys.

3 little boys that are all 4 and older.

3 little boys that never clung to pacifiers.

3 little boys that never sucked thumbs.

3 little boys who didn't haul around blankets,

or stuffed animals,

or random "soft" things.

1 little girl.

1 little 15 month girl.

1 little girl that never clung to a pacifier.

1 little girl that never sucked a thumb.

1 little girl who wants to haul around her blanket,

and stuffed animals,

and random "soft" objects.


Do we really need to do this now?

(seriously. I am in a quandry. Do I insist that she keep her "stuff" in her bed, only for naptimes and bedtimes- or should I let her haul it around? I gotta decide soon...)

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Elise said...

Alethea frequently wants her posse to go out of the house with us and we tell her, "You can bring one friend and it can't be blankie." (I feel like blankets get even more gross than stuffed animals when they are dragged everywhere.) Limiting to one allows me to keep track of her precious friend, but at the same time she gets to make the choice to bring a comfort item if she wants to. It works for us.