Monday, December 20, 2010

New Skills!

Guess how we spent our afternoon?
Yep, Berean discovered that our kitchen chairs work just as well for pushing as the ones at ECFE do.

She was so proud

So I followed her around, making sure she didn't head for the stairs,

and turning her around when she got stuck.

Finally, she abandoned her chair to empty her toybox.
We think she is the cutest thing ever,
and I would like to dress her in striped pants everyday.
30 year olds just can't pull off that stripey look the way a baby can.


Matt said...

She is very impressive, and I noticed the cute stripped pants as well. Cole and her could have a chair race sometime to see (1) who can get the furthest, and (2) who can get into the most dangerous situation (stairs, etc.)

Johanna said...

seriously, adults are so restricted in the cool designs on pants category. why are stripes so NOT cute on a 30 year old?