Monday, December 27, 2010

More Children

I have friends who have a lot of children, and I have friends who only have 1 child. I have friends whose children are grown, and I have friends who don't yet have any.
Here is the deal, though.
No one ever wishes that they had less children.
Some are content with the number that they have.
But, let me tell you a secret.
When I talk to older women they often say things like, "I know it was hard when my kids were little, but I wish I would have had another."
So, when people act shocked when I say I have 4 kids, and my oldest just turned 7,
I simply say,
"no one ever wishes for less kids".
And this Christmas,
I have become more convinced than ever,
that the best gift we have given our children,
is each other.


Rachel said...

So true, Julie! This is something my mom mentions (wishing they'd had another after me), but not something you hear very often in the world. No one ever wishes they'd had fewer children, but the culture tells us 2-3 is best. This is a great post, one I'm going to *try* to remember when people comment about the size of someone's family or as a way to encourage moms of many children!

The Three 22nds said...

Rachel, it is interesting to me because mostly it is the older women that I work with that say things like, "I felt the social pressure to stop, but I wish I hadn't". And people talk about how much money children cost. And they can cost a lot, but they don't have to! Not every kid needs their own car, cell phone and their own room :)

Karla said...

I think that your kids would hate having their own room...and remember Erica...she stayed in our room even though she had her own.

Johanna said...

my three brothers shared a room for quite a few mom was happy to have a sewing room! And I completely agree--having siblings is the best!