Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Traditions

We only actually have one Christmas tradition: we all sleep in the living room by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Noah and I get the couches, and around 0130 we get up to play Santa Claus.
In the morning, when we wake up with weird injuries, we wonder why we ever started the tradition.
Anyway, all that aside, we did start another tradition this year: reading Jotham's Journey.

This book is an advent book, and so there is one chapter for every day in the month leading up to Christmas. I didn't use it last year, because it seemed a little too intense for where the boys were at last year.
. This year Deacon loved it, Roman only left the room sometimes and Lincoln paid no attention at all.
It is a story with lessons and it ends at the manger.
The boys are already talking about getting the next book in the series for next Christmas season.
note: I would preview the chapters before reading it to young children.


Don't forget said...

Getting Chinese takeout on "decorate the tree" night.

Johanna said...

haha...man, isn't it sad that we can't even sleep on a couch comfortably anymore?! I keep trying to deny that I'm old, but I certainly can't sleep comfortably on anything not officially deemed a bed. :)