Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Home Depot Peeps

*When we first moved into our house we spent every Friday night at Home Depot.

Looking at paint samples.

Buying yet another brush.

And still another mailbox.

New locks for the doors.


*Last fall we spent Saturday mornings there, this time loaded down with 3 kids.

Looking at outlet covers for our new room.

Hauling cabinets and cupboards for the laundry room.

Getting electrical advice.

More paint.

*this spring we were back again

trying unsucessfully to find countertops

even more unsucessfully to find new bathroom cabinets

and only partially successfully to find a new mirror

and more paint

*Once again we are back on an every other day basis

Kurt and Matt (the service desk guys) know Noah by name and are very familiar with our current projects

We have spent more time with Paul, Mark and Tim (the decking guys) this month than with most of our friends

Doug from tool rental officially thinks I am crazy and my husband must be one lazy dude to sent me to pick up the power auger by myself

Oh, and Pat (I think that is his name) challenged me to bring back the rigid shovel if I managed to break it, but cautioned me that it was not to be used as a "lever". What else is one supposed to use as a lever?

Maybe in August we will see the inside of a movie theater instead of The Depot.

But I doubt it.

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Heather of the EO said...

How funny that you know all their names! We're pretty chummy with the Menards people...seems we've lived there for the last five years. Cause we have.