Friday, July 10, 2009

A Little Friday Rant

I signed Deacon up for YMCA soccer class this summer.

1 hour on Thursday evenings for 7 weeks.

We wanted to avoid the U5 soccer club because we were not interested in 1 practice and 2 games a week for a 5 year old.

Last night was week 3.

He loves the class, likes his coach.

All good, right?


I can barely stand to watch.

There are 2 kids in his class (their families know each other) that are so out of control, it is appalling.

The first week they pretended to be airplanes during drills

Knocked over the goals during the game.

Paid no attention to instructions at all.

And simply did their own thing during the entire hour.

Very little intervention from the parents.

The second week one of them was gone, and it wasn't quite as bad.

But last night.


The poor coach is trying to coach 12-14 5 year olds in soccer and is having to deal with these two.

The parents tried to intervene, but obviously had no control at all.

I was really irritated.

All the other kids are doing their drills and trying to play soccer.

And having to deal with 2 tornados causing havoc.

And at the end their mothers told them, "you guys are doing much better, you just need to keep listening".

WHAT? Much better. Not so much.

No, don't get me wrong. I have children that have their own problems and strange, disruptive behaviors.

But I hope that if it ever comes to that, I would have the guts as a parent to pick my kid up, put them in the car and take them home. And maybe try again next week.


Rachel said...

I hope I would too - this is a problem even in our homeschool co-op where you'd expect the environment to be different or at least the parenting should be. Unfortunately it's not.

Renae said...

wake up parents! how frustrating! good thing you are homeschooling!

Renae said...

then I just read rachel's comment - never mind about the homeschooling! :) send them to public school! jk

Peter said...

Seems like something the coach ought to be addressing with the kids/parents. Especially if you're paying for the class.

Momma Bear said...

i hope the coach can communicate to the parents at some point.