Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's That Time of Year!

It is the time of year when I make goals, or rather start to make goals, but then never even finish making them, because life catches up with me and suddenly there is no room for planning, just for doing.

I am not one for giving up, however.

Especially since my options for this evening are 1. clean something  2. blog  3. sort papers.

Noah is monopolizing both the treadmill and my kindle.

We definitely need another treadmill and another kindle.

We also need a full sized gymnasium for the boys, having space to run in January would be awesome.

Basically we need to buy a million dollar home.  Why not add a swimming pool in as well?  And a housecleaner.  And maybe being independently wealthy so we would have lots of time to be on our treadmills, reading our kindles.  Or in the basketball court, shooting some hoops.  Or swimming and surveying our clean surroundings.

I am breaking my goals down a little bit, and just going to look at the first 4 months- basically, these are goals through the end of April.

1. 30 miles a week, at least 10 running.
2. Swimming once a week
3. Weights 2x a week
4. 7 mile trail run the end of April (goal to complete it in <70 10="10" a="a" aggressive="aggressive" and="and" at="at" but="but" faster="faster" for="for" goal="goal" i="i" is="is" it="it" like="like" looking="looking" miles="miles" min.="min." min="min" nbsp="nbsp" on="on" one="one" p="p" past="past" pretty="pretty" run="run" terrain="terrain" that="that" the="the" think="think" this="this" time="time" times="times" trail="trail" would="would">5. I don't have specific weight loss goals, I just want to tone.  I think if I dropped 10 pounds or so, I would be in good shape, but I don't mind staying at my current weight if I just tighten up a bit.  Moms should be a little squishy, right?


This area needs an overhaul.  My kids are picky.  The last thing I want to do after I finish homeschool stuff is to prepare meals, but obviously it needs to get done.  I am debating a variety of things in this area, but right now I have 3 basic duh-like goals:
1. Get my kids to be less picky (we don't give them alternative meals, but they will choose just to go without dinner)
2. Drink more water
3. Eat less junk  (I am debating how extreme to be on this one.  Hopefully I will decide soon and I will let you all know my plan!)


This is another area that Noah and I are still in negotiations on.  Once again I have 3 overarching goals:

1. Pay off lot (by end of summer)
2. 3 months of a strict "trial" budget and then renegotiation
3. Figure out the financial ramifications of adding on


1. Plant fruit trees (in spring)
2. Go through, sort and reorganize file cabinet (goal for Jan, Feb, March)
3. Photo books for kids (complete at least one a month)
4. Scan pictures and artwork into computer (Jan,Feb, March)
5. Work on daily/weekly/monthly home/yard maintenance plan


1. Add on typing program for Deacon
2. Add on focused spelling book
3. Add on focused handwriting book
4. Preschool for Berean
5. Work harder with Lincoln on K stuff


Right now I am in a good place at work.  I enjoy my job and I am not adding any big goals for my nursing career this year.  (I would love to say I am going back to school or have big education plans, but it is not the time, and I am not doing that right now.)


1. Set up a devotional/Bible reading plan on my kindle
2. Beth Moore Bible Study with a couple of friends
3. Read through New Testament with kids


1. Line up week long "romance weeks" once a month
2. Hang out with another couple/couples once a month
3. Do something new or fun together once a month


1. Be more consistent with nightly prayer time/devotions
2. Weekly "mini" dates each week with each kid
3. Figure out consistent family nights (still working on this one)
4. Take the kids swimming at least once a week


1. Bible Study with friends
2. Make exercise a priority
3. Read at least one book a month for fun
4. Read at least one book a month for learning
5. Buy some new clothes
6. Noah wants to have people over more, so I am trying to force myself to include more of that into our schedule.

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Johanna said...

I stumbled upon this post from a blog a few weeks ago and I thought it was really cool--thought you might like to glance at it for your 'marriage' goal :)