Friday, January 25, 2013

Flat Tire and M&M's part 2

(I need this story to be written down, so that in 2 years or so I can laugh about it.  Or at least think about it without shuddering)

When you last saw us, I was resolutely heading toward Customer Service at my local Walmart, hoping to get some money back on my clearance M&M purchase.  I had all 5 kids in tow.

We approached the service desk and I assessed the situation.  Employee #1 was helping a guest, the only one in the area.  Employee #2 was standing at the counter, with a large amount of Hostess Cupcake boxes in front of her.  She looked vexed.  Employee #3 was leaning on the counter in front of all the cupcakes.  She seemed to have more authority than the other two, judging by the size of her walkie-talkie.

I got in line behind the other customer.  I couldn't help but overhear some of the Hostess fiasco.  Seems as if someone had ordered the cupcakes online, but they were hard and past the expiration date, so they had been returned to the store, but prehaps hadn't been paid for?  It was unclear, but this was clearly a VERY upsetting situation for Employee #2.

The other customer finally left, and I moved up to the counter, only to be completelely ignored by Employee #1, who actually turned her back on me in order to join in the Hostess Cupcake Situation Containment Discussion.  My kids were getting antsy.  Berean was peering at someone completing an application in a booth.  Ever was shifting.  The boys were having a fine time, which usually isn't a good thing in a store.

Still ignored.

I shifted and sighed, passive aggressive, I know.  But isn't passive aggressive sometimes better than aggressive - aggressive?

Employee #3 turned and looked at us and addressed the other 2.  "Has she been helped?"

"No", I replied simultaneously with Employees #1 and #2.

All three of them looked at me.  No one said anything.

Finally, after an awkward silence, Employee #2 gave a big sigh and said, "can I help you?"

It must have been her turn, but I was clearly getting in the way of the Cupcake Crisis.

I took out my receipt, explained the the M&Ms were supposed to be 75% off, but that I had been charged $2 a bag.  She didn't say anything to me, just started angerly punching numbers into a calculator.

Finally, still without saying anything, she handed me a new receipt and $1.68, and turned back to the Cupcake Conversation.

I glanced at the new receipt.  She had cancelled all of the $2 bags and charged me $1.50 a bag.  Apparently charging me 75% of the price, instead of 75% off.  I said "Thank You" and left, boiling mad inside.

"Why did you leave and not say anything?", Noah asked me later.

"Have you ever been at Walmart Customer Service with 5 kids and a Very Important Hostess Cupcake Situation going on?", I answered. "I clearly was not going to get anywhere with this lady in any constructive fashion, so I was not going to torture myself and the kids further."  I planned to call when I got home and to complain, prehaps, but I was so done with Walmart for the day.

We headed for the van, and I loaded Everyn in from the left, and then went around to the right.  We had a flat tire.  Completely, undrivably flat.

To be cont...


Karla Olsen said...

sometimes it is just easier to walk away :)

To which I answered... said...

"No, but I have been at Walmart with five kids and stopping at the bathroom for the second time that trip .