Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sometimes being an adult stinks.  Sometimes being a parent is hard.  Sometimes doing what is right is difficult.  Sometimes explaining what you believe to someone else doesn't work very well.

I am in a little bit of a brooding mood tonight.

So many things on my mind.

So many things on my list.

So many things that I want to teach my children.

I want to teach them that when you claim to know God, that loving people is of utmost importance.

I want them to understand that just because you are trying to love people doesn't mean that you have to give in on your standards or your beliefs.

I want to teach them balance, time management and to prioritize the things that matter.

I want to them to understand that people disappoint, but that God is always faithful.

But I also need to learn all these things myself.

We only have a month left of summer and then the new school year is upon us.

I am trying to figure out what exactly I value, and what that is going to look like in my world.

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