Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Tonight was the first game of Little League "playoffs".  There are 22 teams in the league, and the top 10 teams (based on season records) were placed in Tier 1, and the bottom 12 teams were placed in Tier II.  Deacon's team was kind of middle of the road.  Some weeks they got creamed, other weeks they did the creaming.

I was hoping that they would get placed in Tier II, just so they could maybe have a little bit of success and not be crushed every game.  It was not so.  They were placed in Tier I and for the first game (tonight) they faced a team that had badly beaten them, not once, but twice.

The kids on this particular team seem larger than most, and their coaches seem awfully intent on winning.  Of course, Deacon did not remember ever losing to this team.  Our 8 year old boy seems to block losing out of his mind.  Head in the clouds, he just goes out and plays with little regard for his opponents skill level.

After some success early followed by a lack luster middle, our team pulled out some amazing defensive plays, followed by some unprecedented hitting, and then finished strong with 3 quick outs.

The crowd was yelling, and the kids continued to be clueless.

Oh well.

Even if they lose the rest of the week, I consider this end of season play a success.

Upsets are always fun- unless you are the other team.

In other news,one of my coworkers posted this blog onto facebook yesterday. This blog is so funny, I laughed outloud for a long time.  This is not a common thing for me- I am not really a laugh-out-louder.  You probably will only think it is funny if you are a nurse (also, there is some bad language in it)- but it rings true on way too many levels.  

Very few people actually understand what nurses do during their shifts.  If people thought hard enough they could probably figure it out, but I think a lot of times people just really don't want to know.  (oh, but they are quick to criticize...)

Deacon came up to our room the other night, complaining of having a nightmare.  We let him sleep in our room and I smugly thought I knew what the problem was: playing Skylanders at the neighbors earlier that day.  He has never really had a problem with bad dreams, and he gets one the night after playing that video game?  Coincidence?  I think not.  The next morning I asked him about his bad dream.  He gets a sheepish look on his face and says, "well, it was scary at the time..."  He goes on to tell me that in his dream we had gone up in a space ship and that Roman had brought too many toys-more than he could carry.  All the toys started falling and some of them floated away, never to return.

I asked him what was scary about the dream. He responded, "I was the one who dropped the toys.  Roman was mad and you guys made me pay for them all!"

Not what I expected.  Apparently Deacon is more afraid of Roman's anger and losing his money than he is about small monsters fighting battles.

Ever is getting big (18.1 pounds at her 6 month checkup!), sitting up and having a good time learning to play with toys.  Berean is somewhat bossy toward her little sister, but they actually get along pretty well.  Everyn can hold a teacup now, and tries to put it in her mouth.  That is good enough for Berean- she pours the tea, hands the cup to Everyn and they have a "tea party".  Berean overlooks the fact that Ever is gnawing on the cup instead of drinking the pretend tea.

Well, that is all for this  morning!  Time to go get breakfast ready before the troops get up!

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