Thursday, January 19, 2012


I really despise cold weather.  Taking 5 kids somewhere is no small task, but taking 5 kids anywhere when it is like 0 degrees is almost enough to make me cry.

Yeah, I know, I live in the wrong state.

This year has been so wonderfully above average temperatures.  It has been a real blessing to me, but now the cold has come and I have locked the doors to my house.  There has actually  been days in the last week that I have not gone anywhere.  That is almost unheard of for me.  And there have been days that I have sent Deacon out to get the mail, that is also almost unheard of for me.

As an aside, when I do send Deacon out to get the mail, the other boys want to go too.  So all three of them go out there and then they stand by the mailbox and equally divide the mail up so they each have something to carry back to the house.  I always wonder if I actually get all the mail that was in the box.

Everyn is still sleeping a lot.  She tends to be a little more awake and a little fussier in the evenings.  Mostly she just wants attention.  And who can blame her?  She is growing like a weed and Noah and I both feel a little sad - she is already losing that newborn look.  She doesn't really have much of a routine yet, mostly because she sleeps so much that her night time sleep just kind of moves right into what could be considered her morning nap.  The last couple of days though it seems that her pattern is maybe normalizing a little bit.  Most nights she does pretty well, usually one 4 hour stretch and another 3 or 4 hour stretch.  Occasionally she will have a bad night where she apparently isn't sleepy at 0400 in the morning.  At those times I lay down with her on the floor and we just sleep there.

Ok, I know that sounds crazy.  Sleeping on the floor?  Basically there are two reasons: 1. I don't want her getting used to sleeping in our bed and I also don't want me to get used to always just bringing her back there. 2. I think she is safer on the floor since siblings will occasionally sneak in and climb into our bed,

Lincoln is still enjoying his bus ride to preschool.  I am enjoying not driving him there.  I am also enjoying not taking him to private therapy.

We have so much time for school work now that I am not working and we don't have therapy.  I am pretty sure I am driving the boys crazy with how much work we are getting done.  Housework though is still daunting.  I feel like everytime I turn around there is another mess to clean up.  I feel like I never have time to get any further than just surface cleaning, laundry, dishes and basic paperwork stuff.

Oh well.

Hmmm...time to go find the wayward pacifier.  Sorry about the boring post.  Maybe  I will talk about my shoes tomorrow.


gma pam said...

Not boring to me! And I can't wait for the shoe post...but it does remind me of that old Sunday School answer!

Jackie said...

I have also sent A. and H. out to get the mail and they also divide it up. The fact that Jonathan also gets the mail--and finds some-- when he gets home indicates they aren't reaching it all.

Thia said...

I have slept on the floor many times with a babe or two, to keep from waking others up usually. The last time that happened, I came to the conclusion that I am getting too old for that.