Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Bag Lady

Ready to Go Shopping!
 Berean is in one of those stages that has been laughing (or crying) all day.  Ok, she doesn't really have me crying-but she definitely does try my (and her brothers!) patience.  She likes to bang the chair into the lamp just to hear the noise, she likes to steal Pokemon cards and write in people's school books. She repeats what we say and learns new words daily.  The last couple  of days her word is "jeans".  As in "Mommy's jeans" while she helps me with laundry.  The girl knows her fabrics, that is for sure :)
 She likes to "help" me more than the boys ever did. If she sees me start folding laundry or loading/unloading the dishwasher, she is instantly there, ready to help.  And help she does.  Sort of.  She is good with the dishwasher, and she knows whose clothes are whose, but after a while she gets tired of sorting and starts tossing things back into baskets which is decidedly not helpful.

 She also likes to shop.  In these pictures she put her goggles on sideways (the girl is a trendsetter) and gathered her bags and cart.  The babies get tossed in and away she goes.

Earlier today she was playing with her purse, instead of her cart.  She would go over to the couch, open her purse and take out her hair binder, which she would then place on her wrist (like I do!).  Next she would remove a book and page through it.  After that she would remove a Barbie hair brush and comb and brush her hair.  Finally everything would go back into the purse, she would put it on her arm and tell me "bye".  Then she would go down the stairs.  This was repeated over and over again.
Hope those babies are buckled in!
I never really cared if I had a little girl or not, but let me tell you- I care now!  I love having 2 daughters, they are so different than the boys and so special.

I love having three boys too- they are also so different and so special!  There is something about the way that boys love their mamas...

We were over at my mom's today and she was sitting at her laptop, showing the kids my sister's blog.  She had the baby on her chest, and the other four surrounding her.  It sure looked like a lot of kids!  I looked into each one of their small, perfect faces.  They all looked so happy.

How blessed I am!


gma pam said...

You sure are blessed! So am I! Each one is so amazing in their own special way and you relate to each one in a way that makes them blessed, too! They are 5 kinds of wonderful.

Auntie Kendy said...

You should have snapped a pix of that wonderful Gma and her crowd!

Karla said...

ahhh how special:) miss those special kids:)