Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The long winter that we experienced in these parts has given way to a sad spring.  I am trying to get yard work done, but quite frankly, it is hard to get motivated when it is cold or windy or rainy.  Sometimes it is all three.

I have the internet situation in a temporary fix for now, so at least I can use it. Well, I can use it until someone trips over the cord that is running from the computer upstairs down two flights of stairs and into the back of the boy's room.  It is a little awkward.

I will post May goals soon, I have been doing them :)  April was a bust, but I will try to get those up too. 

Here are just a few general updates:

Deacon- He wears a coonskin cap and a paracord necklace.  He draws and dreams.  He reads and has started writing his first novel. He is on paragraph one.  His greatest desire right now is to be on a dodge ball team.  He loves dodge ball, and it is really all that he wants to do with his time and his life.  Every day, as soon as the neighbor kids get home from school, the boys in the neighborhood converge in one back yard and play massive dodge ball games.  They have been throwing volley balls, basketballs and soccer balls at each other with full strength.  They do this for hours at a time.  They come home with red faces and happy hearts.  The host yard family has decided to invest in some playground balls, and the soccer, volley and basketballs have been banned from dodgeball use (as of today).  Deke has also started Little League, but he loves dodgeball more.

Roman- He participates in the dodgeball shenanigans - half heartedly at times, but he likes to be where the action is, so there he goes.  He is only happy when he has had enough time in the lego room, and continues to awe us all with the lego creations that he concocts daily.  He is a leader and organizes people and objects well.

Lincoln has had two Little League practices.  He is determined to keep up with this brothers, and has turned into a fast little runner and an intense ball player.  He remains the quiet one, but puts his head down and plays with the best of them.  He also loves dodgeball very much. He and Berean also have been playing together a lot, which is fun to see.

Berean- This little lady is hilarious.  She likes to talk, she likes to analyze her social environment and  she likes to be in the middle of everything.  Cooking,  reading, running around outside, playing school, writing her name, making cards, swimming, riding her bike.  She throws herself into everything wholeheartedly and is often heard exclaiming, "I love ......" or "This is the best day of my whole life!"  Swimming is her latest skill. She can float on her back for long periods of time, jump in, puts her face in the water and paddles her arms around. She was a little angry about swimming lessons because she has a boy teacher.  One day I heard her mumbling to herself, "there has got to be a way to get out of swimming lessons!"  She was unable to find one, however, despite trying to call both Grandmas to rescue her, and she now appears to be ok with her "boy teacher".

Oh Ever.  She likes to do everything for herself.  She likes to play pretend.  She likes to be outside.  She is exhausting, and charming.  She is exasperating and loving.  She loves dogs and her mom.  She screams when I leave her somewhere, but only until I get out of her sight, then she is fine.  She is easily excited and can always find things to do- usually things she is not supposed to do, but at least she is independent and self motivated, right?

We have had 5 children for over 2 years now, but I feel like this winter and spring has been the hardest parenting time for me since the boys were young. 

But, as I know, the good times don't last, but neither do the hard times.

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Elise said...

That Ever sure is a charmer. I noticed on Sunday that she was the only one of the five (though all asked) who managed to get Noah to let her have seconds on brownies AND on ice cream. Of course, she had pretty small helpings, so maybe it was all even in the end. :-)