Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh, June

Oh, the adventures that we have been having!  It is amazing what can be packed into a day- and do you know what else is amazing?

I am slowly mastering the art of "a quick stop at the pool or splash pad".

No joke.

It used to be this big production to take the kids anywhere with water, but this summer I have decided to keep it simple. 

Let's say I want to go to the pool after being at the zoo.  Before we go to the zoo, I just grab suits and a few towels.  Nope, not everyone needs their own towel. 

We pull into the parking lot and everyone does a quick change in the car (I have just been putting my suit on under my clothes or just hanging out in the wading pool in a dress).  We swim, drip dry on the way to the car, sit on towels and head for home.

It is freeing, it is amazing.

They don't have to pee all the time, they can get their own suits on (for the most part).

The boys are competent swimmers,

The girls are pretty laid back.

Everyn, of course, is a little more high maintenance, but she is also pretty content.

In between parks, swimming, little league, track camp, tee ball, playgroup and adventures we have been hanging out at home.  There are about 6 neighborhood boys (the boys ages) and one little girl (B's age) that are frequently in our yard.  500, color tag, baseball, dodge ball, Pokemon cards, swinging all take place in the late afternoons.  The girls pick flowers and play house.  The boys even have a running club.

Deacon is doing math every day and spelling everyday.  My mom is reading The Hobbit out loud to the boys and we are listening to a lot of audio books.  We just finished Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Sarah Plain and Tall series and have now started Treasure Island.

My sister is home from Thailand so she is around a lot- which the boys love.

Noah spent a week in New York, and although we missed him, I think it was a good vacation for him.

I had my birthday and was spoiled nicely. 

I started a quest to lose 10 pounds.  I gave up my 4 pieces of toast for cheerios.  I started doing the Insanity workouts everyday in addition to regular workouts.  I hope I see results.

Soon I will get some pictures up of summer fun, and maybe some quotes of the days.

Soon I may start on my summer projects- photobooks, deep cleaning the house.

But for now, we are just enjoying summer.

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