Monday, November 19, 2012

Dropping Things

Hi All!

We are all here, but I feel a little bit like I am treading water.  A rough work weekend followed by a long week, concluding with Noah's birthday weekend has me still playing catch up.

Today is our 13 year engagement anniversary.  Noah made Pumpkin Crisp.  yum.

Then we did pushups and folded laundry while watching Hawaii Five-0.

At 10:30pm I remembered that Lincoln is the "Big Apple" for school tomorrow.  Do you think the kids would enjoy left over Arnie Palmers?

Hopefully I can dig up some Oreos or Teddy Grahms or something.

I am working all of Thanksgiving, but Noah has a couple of days off- hopefully I can dig myself out of this hole!

Have a good week!

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