Monday, May 9, 2011

I Keep Saying It

I know that I keep saying that I have no idea why I can't keep up with my blog. I have plenty of ideas, and I write blogposts in my head constantly- but it seems like I can hardly post a facebook status, much less a real blog post.

This morning I was jotting down a rudimentary map of our yard and our lot. We really want to start using our space well so that we can actually save money at the grocery store by eating our own produce. Last year we did pretty well with our garden, but this year we are expanding the operation.

Our main garden plans include:













Some of those things will be planted in the main garden, and others will be in boxes around the garden.

In addition,we are planning to get apple, pear and cherry trees for the lot.

We have a strawberry patch in the back, raspberries and blackberries along the fence (they look a little sketchy, but I am hopeful) and are planning to put in asparagus against the other fence and blueberries in a variety of other places.

This week is final decision and planning time, next weekend will be tilling the garden and making the boxes and then it will be time to plant!

In inside news, the closet is done and I am trying to put stuff in it and get my room back to normal. I have some plans for the office to aid in organization, but the more pressing project is the disaster that the boys made in the basement while I was working on the closet :)

Never fails...

But next week is the last week of normals and then we are off for a summer full of vacations, relaxation, water and fun! Oh, and mosquitoes, yard running...

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Johanna said...

sounds like a fabulous garden! I love fresh produce!!