Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Deacon and Roman are playing a lot more together and can really take an idea and run with it. This morning at play group I suggested they wash one of their friends Little Tikes car- they washed and washed that car! Well, actually, Deacon and his friends washed it and Roman sat in it and got a shower. The system made everyone happy!

Last friday we went to the puppet wagon and the story was "The Frog Prince". Afterwords Deacon and I were talking about the story and he said, "that girl (the Princess) should have had a swimsuit and goggles, than she could have gotten her own ball." He thought a little and then said, "I guess those people behind there didn't have a swimsuit and goggles for the girl so they had to have the frog get the ball for her."
This picture is of Lincoln, I didn't say anything about him so I thought instead I would include a picture!

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hcomstock said...

What a cutie! He looks like both you and Noah. It's fun to hear that the other boys play so well with each other and have so much fun with other kids! Thanks for sharing your blog with me! :)